Monday, April 14, 2014

The Grand Canyon

Today I saw the biggest hole I ever saw! I thought of some ways it should be used: fill it with water for biggest drinking bowl, fill it with steak for a never ending food bowl, put all the rescue dogs in there for the world's biggest dog park?! I put these in the parks suggestion box but have not heard back. We walked the upper rim on the south side of the Canyon first. We got these pics.

Then I saw it. Dinner for a whole year. Prime Grade A meat. Dad let me go.....let me go....I got this.....let me go.....MOOSE!!

Then we went to South Kaibob trail. It was steep with Donkeys and we made it to Ooh Ahh point. Getting down was a lot easier than climbing out. We had many water breaks on the way back up.


Then we made it to about midway down:

Then we saw Elk as we were leaving

Dog Heaven......on to the Sedona, Arizona. See what we find there.....

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  1. I think you could've handled that moose Ging!