Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Sedona, Arizona

On to Sedona........We drove through Flagstaff on the way. There we saw and drove through a beautiful, yet intense snowstorm as we passed San Francisco peaks. 

I know I needed rescuing but someone needs to rescue my Dad from himself. We checked into doggy heaven(more on that in another blog) and they told him have a  nice time and be careful the desert snow is very flammable. Not good enough for him.........

So after Dad almost lit himself on fire w went to hike/climb Chimney Rock.

So we left from this Stupa(don't worry I don't what that is either), but it was worth walking through there cause Dad made Buddha wear Chimney Rock as a big, funny hat! Haha
So up we went on Chimney Pass:
and higher 
and higher
Dad saw a Neanderthal Man in the neighboring mountain. I'm not sure if I'm buying in....what do you think??

Not funny making me wear the Chimney as a hat!!


Dad get out of the Chimney crevace and the trees on top of the mountain. I need you healthy to feed me.

Views from the top

A day in this doggies life. Tomorrow I've been told I'm climbing the highest mountain in Sedona....and I have a sneaking suspicion knowing my Dad we'll be doing that. 

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  1. I see the Neanderthal Man! Looks like some hiking chick photo bombed your pic!!