Thursday, April 10, 2014

Bryce Canyon

We crossed the border from Arizona into Utah!

A short time later we were entering a place called Bryce Canyon.

We were greeted by amazing rocks just inside the park entrance.

Our breath was taken away by this awing site. Dad said everyone needs to get on their lap top or desk top if their not already. Then enlarge these photos and really look at these pics for 5 minutes. There are no doggy or human words for them!

I had to stand on my tippy paws to get a good view. This is one of 18 lookout points at Bryce! 

Most dogs Dad's don't let them go to the top! Not mine. We were full force all the way up. We ran in the snow(I ran so fast my head got skinny:) and made it to Rainbow Point.....the highest I've ever been!!

 The view from 9115 feet up.....

I'm so tired. Long day! Dad said were going to ZION tomorrow. We are going hiking. Come on along..........

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