Monday, April 21, 2014

Beautiful Sedona/Fire/Skunk

Sedona is one of the prettiest places in the World. These are the views on the way into town, nice backdrop to a city. Two oceans have flowed in and out of Sedona in time. The red in the red rock comes from iron oxide that is rusting---
that's what my Dad tell me anyway

Everyone has to paint their house or business a certain color so it blends into nature and light is kept to a minimum so you can see the night sky light up at night in all its brilliance. 
This is last weeks blood moon:

Here are the various views you'd see in nature in Sedona 



And amongst all this beauty there lurks danger in the desert. The desert snow featured on April 16ths blog caught fire setting the campground onto fire, and not just a small one. Dad and I heard people screaming at 9PM and ran as fast as we could to the fire. it looked like this.
Dad did what he could with a bunch of other good Samaritans and employees from the campground. They used garden/RV hoses and shovels to contain it until the firemen arrived (it took about 40 of them 4 hrs to put it out), and Dad helped with first aid on one of the good Samaritans that fell down the hillside, and broke his ankle during the fire. I wanted to help, but they put me on a leash like a dog and would not let me go. They said something about my fur catching on fire. This was the aftermath:

So I saw Pepe Le Pew on tv and he seemed harmless enough. I see these cute black and white fuzzy animal, and I run over to greet it or maybe just take one little bite....BAM.....the little bastard maced me with his A#$! It was in my eyes on on my head/chest and my eyes/nose were watering. I immediately ran over to dad and jumped on him cause I thought that was the appropriate procedure 10 seconds post being maced by skunk. After he was able to stop throwing up he got these things while I did my best to get the stink off me by running my head through high grass. Deskunk compote:
Then I got a evening bath:


That cut some of the stink but it was a long night in the RV. All windows were open on a cold night with heaters and stove on to combat the cold. Then I got a second bath 2 days later cause I still stunk like skunk. Dad was not happy rolled in mud immediately post bath.

Next is Devil's Bridge and Boynton Canyon!! These are can't miss places. 

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