Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Navajo Country, Page Arizona

We drove into Page, Arizona into Navajo country with beautiful views the whole way in. It was only a 4 hour drive. Enough time to take in the views and get 5 naps, 4 seat changes and  give 2 face lickings for Dad while he's driving. I'm not sure how much he likes it, but it sure is fun roller coastering across the highway when I lick his eyeball. 

The first adventure of the day was one of the great hidden gems of the country. It's called Antelope Canyon. We entered the slot canyon to a Navajo playing Indian flute. I kept hoping he would throw it. It look like a great toy to me. This is the entrance.

We then descended to the bottom of the slot canyon. It was all desert sand. This is what it looked like from down there. 


The Navajo guide gave 2 instructions to the dogs. Don't let your human climb out of the canyon and DON'T touch the magical Navajo rock holding up the whole canyon. Dad has a listening problem.

On to Horseshoe Bend. It is an overlook of a meander of the Colorado River. We hiked out to it and looked looked down from 4200 feet high. WOW!

This rescued dog will be in Bryce Canyon in Utah.

Check out what I see, Ginger 

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