Monday, April 7, 2014

Getting You Up to Date

Dad wanted to start the trip from the very eastern edge of the coast so we went to the beach one last time. All was fine till this crab threatened life as we know it and I was forced to go toe to toe with a crab to save human kind........

My first stop was a winter wonderland called Greenville, SC.  It snowed and iced there with 2 different storms for 4 of the 7 days we were there. I never got to play in snow before! We built a snowman(well I ran around with a  dog named ‘Duke’ anyway while they built a snowman and chased sleigh riders).

My friend Duke


                  Steven, Dad, & Sara                                   Steven, Stephanie, Andrew, Sara, & Ryan

Next was Atlanta where I got lots of love from my Dad's friends Nick, Cassie and their kids. The wine was flowing for the adult humans after me and the kids went to bed on the first night then we went t

                 Hosts: Nick and Cassie                                           Kids and Me
                                             Me at Lake Lanier

ON TO MARDI GRAS........OK, I'm Ready

Five minutes later.......

Ten minutes later.......

Fifteen minutes later.......

Well, we did not get all the way there in one fell swoop as was planned. I heard about waterfalls I was to see on this great adventure but the first one I saw flowing from the transmission at a gas station in Southern Alabama was not the one I expected to see. I got to ride in a tow truck then we spent a night behind a transmission shop. Dad expected to gaze up at his new Rollin Dog House up on top of mountains, but not like that. I thought it was pretty cool watching it fly as I did my best impression of a junk yard dog.

On to Mardi Gras……TAKE 2! We finally made it. They had space for my Rollin Dog House in the French Quarter so out to the debauchery we went. Music, Big Drinks and topless women….OH MY!!!! I’d like to make it clear I kept my fur on the whole time. They did not have beads big enough or nice enough to get me to flash all 8 of my girlfriendsJ This is me on Bourbon Street.

A quick stop in San Antonio for Dad to do some research and we were on to New Mexico. I found the bullet riddled welcome sign to New Mexico a little disconcerting. Clearly that state like to set the bar low. The rest of the visit was spectacular. I was awake and saw the most beautiful views with wide open land a dog could run and play in for days. There were always mountains in the background. I saw building size flying saucers that my Dad told me were listening devices to outer space. The highlight was the visit to the Lava Fields. Here I met my new friends. They called themselves hippies from the 60’s and he kept lighting his hand carved applewood pipe with what he called his own special homegrown then they petted me and they loved to just stare at the clouds. In the pic you can see the lava rock in the background. They were nice. They traveled the country in an old Volkswagon and believed in being free, no interest in possessions, and wanted to give and get love(kind of like me). I liked them lots!

This is the vision Dad had of the Rollin Dog House Flyin:

Check me out tomorrow in the Bisti Badlands of New Mexico: 

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