Sunday, April 30, 2017

About Me

Hi, my name is Ginger. I also answer to 'Ginj, 'Gingy Girl', and 'Stop That'. I am a Black Mouth Cur(same as Old Yeller). I was rescued by my Dad(he'd prefer I call him 'Master' but that's not happening) 1 year and 5 months ago.  I did not have a good first year of my life. I was found on the side of the rode in bad shape. I started to experience a new life at that point. He looked at me and said "I have no idea how I'm going to take care of you, but we'll figure out together as we go along" After a few weeks of regular meals and love I regained what my Dad called 'energy' so he took me to this amazing place called 'the beach' that had a soft white easy to run on floor, and the dog park with lots of other dogs that just wanted to play(except that Pomeranian with the attitude). This is me figuring out if you mix water and dirt together real fast you can make mud in the dog park and me playing on the beach:

Click to see my videos below:

Soon thereafter I went to what was called 'work' which wasn't really like work as the it's described to me by humans. I got to play with cancer patients all day that were so happy to see me. This is me riding to work after I gained some weight, and a pic of me fooling them into giving me degree from good doggy school.

 I won 4th place in Charleston dog show. I wanted to go to the beach as would be my new found routine on Saturday and I found myself being brought to a place with whole lot of other dogs inside a ring, and none of the other dogs were allowed to play with each other. My Dad who never even saw a dog show on TV but suffers from Overconfidence Syndrome decided on a whim to enter us into a dog show.  Everyone was dressed like they were going out ballroom dancing except my dad was dressed in hikers gear, and all the dogs had pretty gold and silver leeds and I had a dirty, old, blue leash made into a choker. I was stuck next to this stuffy shelty the whole time. She snarled then I had enough when she nipped at me I was going to show her I was the queen since this WAS a competition until Dad tackled me and explained several reasons why I should not snack on shelties in front of the judges and 1000 audience members. After that dad just wanted to leave when the strange man with the red velvet jacket came and pointed right to me and we got to go stand in front of the numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4. My Dad thought we were being thrown out of the arena. They chose 3 other dogs to stand up there with us. All the other dogs took this very proper forward stance and did not move. They clearly did not notice the potted tulips on the back of the stage. I couldn't resist so I headed that way. Dad started pulling me away.....he did not understand that this pot must be smelled! So I lowered myself to get leverage and drove with every ounce of strength to get to this irresistible potted plant that called to me. Dad pulled back and I found myself making loud choking sounds as things got blurry for me, but he relented! Success!! I was able to smell this large pot with dirt and tulips. Heaven! I then let him have his way and we headed back to where the other 3 dogs were standing like statues. Not for long should have seen them hop when I shoveled my nose into their butts! HaHa HaHa! I won a 4th place ribbon and needless to say it was explained to me that in a final judgment it has something to do with behavior and sticking my nose into other dogs butts is frowned upon. We came to an agreement that we were not made for dog shows. To many rules! Here are some pics:

Turns out Dad wanted a change in paths with work and we stopped going to work on and every day basis. He came up with this big idea of getting an RV and traveling the whole country. I was skeptical until it showed up in the driveway. Then we decided we are going to raise awareness for people that don't know how awesome rescue dogs are and get some of my doggy friends forever homes too!

I don't understand why I was beaten, starved and thrown on the side of the rode left for dead, but I never gave up hope. If you look deep into my eye when I was first able to open it you'll see the never ending love within. I want to play, be loved and give love!

My name is Ginger. I am a rescue dog that got a second chance. I'm going to get into the coolest rolling dog house me or any of my doggy friends ever saw and head out across the whole big, wide country. These are the adventure of Ginger.....come on along!

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