Thursday, May 29, 2014

Animal society/Ginger has theme music

I was the dog of honor at Barry George and Dr. Elizabeth Caspian's Animal Society. It was inspired by the life of there dog Kaile.....a beautiful dog that lived to be 23 years old and passed in 2007. What a wonderful group of kids that love animals and have interest in helping any and all animals. They share the message "don't shop....ADOPT!' With all the dogs that need rescuing there is no reason to buy a dog when you can save one of my doggy friends life. This is one of the wonderful messages that Mr. George and Dr. Caspian share with the children and get out through there music! I really loved the kids and I would have liked them even if they didn't have bacon waiting for me there:)

Not only are Barry George/Dr. Elizabeth Caspian creators of the Animal Society, but they are also musicians that create music at there home studio to help save dogs that so need to be rescued. There band is called the 'Heart, Vision Tribe' They have a pack of 11 dogs at home they've saved, and are now reaching out to the masses to help save dogs. They helped my Dad create a theme song for me as I cross the country. I must admit I like having my own theme song. Listen to it please:

If you want to listen to more of the Heart Vision Tribe and learn more about them click links below:

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