Friday, April 18, 2014

Climbing Mount Wilson

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Here we go! Climbing up to 7,122 feet, 5.5 miles up, then 5.5 miles down. That would make 11 mile hike for most,but I prefer to run up ahead then back behind then side to side into the brush. I figure I'll do a minimum of 15 miles today. We started early so it would be nice and cool. We drove to Midgley Bridge where the trail starts. Here are the pics of the mountain. When you locate the highest point that is where we are going. 

And we started up....thankfully it was chilly cause I had my coat on:)
We got about half way up here. Look close at the 1st pic and you can see how far we are from the bridge.

We were about 2/3 the way up. When you look up at mountains you always think they go to peaks, but so many were very flat with forests on top when your above them. They would be perfect places for dog communities. Serious elevator needed to top floor though.
Then about 3/4 the way up the top was guarded by the scary tree forest only the bravest that can make it this far dare to pass

Made it to the top. If you look to right of me in 1st pic you can see the bridge again. This will help you understand what 5.5 miles of walking/running up looks like.
Then we had a picnic on top: Water, wheat thins, cheddar cheese and a half a strawberry Odwalla bar....oh boy. Dad had the same thing but he had something called Corona instead of water!

This doggy is tired. Easter Sunday there will be skunk, real fire and feature beautiful Sedona

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