Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Bisti Badlands

Today we drove into a remote region of Northwestern, New Mexico. The roads in had big mountains to our left and right. We also passed Ship Rock. The winds were blowing 40 MPH and desert sand, and tumbleweeds blew across the highway.

Ship Rock
scenic highway views
  another huge amazing rock with mirrored rock behind it

I don't know how Dad found it but we pulled into a place called Bisti Wilderness AKA Bisti Badlands. We drove down a primitive road for 5 miles before we found the parking lot. I was more than ready to get out. 5 straight hours on the road and I was ready for anything.....but no man or dog can be ready for this!!

Dad walked down dry creek bed as to try not to get lost in these unmarked badlands. I ran around for the first time in sand since we left the coast. I love running in the sand. I ran until I could barely see Dad then he'd call me and I run all the way back......then I'd do it again. We came upon these strange mounds, formations, craters. Dad said he felt like we were on a different planet.                        

 Then we went to an area called HooDoo's. We were running, climbing and playing on them. Wow it was fun! Dad said he felt like he was on the "greatest adult playground on a different planet beyond imagination."

We just got back on the road and we'll be in Page, Arizona tomorrow. Check back in to see what we get into!

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  1. Amazzzzing! Are you sure thats earth??Looks like an easy place to get lost!! Glad you were a smart girl and figured it out!