Friday, April 25, 2014

Devil's Bridge and Boynton Canyon

Boynton Canyon

These are some amazing pics we took of Kachina Woman at sunset. We loved it so much we've been there several times. Please enjoy our pics and the story of Kachina woman. 

Kachina woman towers above Boynton Canyon, Land of the Seven Main Canyons. She is a vortex, but also a beacon for humankind.
Several thousand years ago, all 2-leggeds lived on the surface of Earth, like we do today. We lived in unity, peace and understanding for several thousand years. Walking every pathway of Mother Earth. Great Mystery (aka God) created us in his image and also gave us free will, egos and a growing, expanding, questioning mind. Over time, as our minds expanded with knowledge, our egos and desire to control expanded as well. We began controlling and manipulating other 2-leggeds. We created big wars to prove our superiority over other tribes. Eventually, we killed each other, except for a handful of 2-leggeds who sought shelter during those times.
Great Mystery was severely disappointed. He moved us from the surface of Earth & its rich abundance, down to Middle Earth (like the hobbits!). And he gave us a Guardian - Kachina Woman. In Hopi legend, Kachina was like the Virgin Mary, Hera from Greek Mythology, and Lakshmi from Eastern Indian folklore. Kachina was our divine protector, moderator and overseer. She ruled over us in Middle Earth with a kind, gentle hand, but also reported back to Great Mystery often, as he re-built the Earth we almost destroyed.

Several hundred years went by. We behaved ourselves. Kachina went to Great Mystery, told him how well we got along and asked if we could return to the new abundance of Earth's surface he created. He agreed. Under two conditions: (1) That Kachina Woman continue looking after us, looking over us. (2) And should we start destroying each other again, Kachina Woman would crumble or fall - as a signal to all 2-leggeds that Great Mystery was unhappy again and we'd be forced to straighten up without the guidance or help of Kachina - or else he'd move us all to some undisclosed, dark world, never to return to Earth's beautiful, abundant surface ever ever again.
So, if ever Kachina crumbles or falls, Hopis believe humanity is lost and will soon move to a dark, unknown place worse than Middle Earth. --Robin Kelley

One time we went we climbed up and behind Kachina Woman to the ceromonial cave. Shockingly and amazingly enough there was a concert cello player.....don't ask why because we don't know. Dad got this video

As if that wasn't crazy and lucky enough. The next time we went back on the male energy side across the vista about 50 yards away there was a man playing the Indian flute. Dad got a video although he was out of breath beacause we just climbed the mountain as you'll here. I was fine and would have taken the video but lack of opposable thumbs restricts my camera duties. 

The Boynton Canyon Vista from above on another mountain climb

Devil's Bridge

We had to climb way up high to get to this natural sandstone arch. No words can tell the story so take a look at these pics. 


This tired doggy is going to get some rest for our next adventure

Monday, April 21, 2014

Beautiful Sedona/Fire/Skunk

Sedona is one of the prettiest places in the World. These are the views on the way into town, nice backdrop to a city. Two oceans have flowed in and out of Sedona in time. The red in the red rock comes from iron oxide that is rusting---
that's what my Dad tell me anyway

Everyone has to paint their house or business a certain color so it blends into nature and light is kept to a minimum so you can see the night sky light up at night in all its brilliance. 
This is last weeks blood moon:

Here are the various views you'd see in nature in Sedona 



And amongst all this beauty there lurks danger in the desert. The desert snow featured on April 16ths blog caught fire setting the campground onto fire, and not just a small one. Dad and I heard people screaming at 9PM and ran as fast as we could to the fire. it looked like this.
Dad did what he could with a bunch of other good Samaritans and employees from the campground. They used garden/RV hoses and shovels to contain it until the firemen arrived (it took about 40 of them 4 hrs to put it out), and Dad helped with first aid on one of the good Samaritans that fell down the hillside, and broke his ankle during the fire. I wanted to help, but they put me on a leash like a dog and would not let me go. They said something about my fur catching on fire. This was the aftermath:

So I saw Pepe Le Pew on tv and he seemed harmless enough. I see these cute black and white fuzzy animal, and I run over to greet it or maybe just take one little bite....BAM.....the little bastard maced me with his A#$! It was in my eyes on on my head/chest and my eyes/nose were watering. I immediately ran over to dad and jumped on him cause I thought that was the appropriate procedure 10 seconds post being maced by skunk. After he was able to stop throwing up he got these things while I did my best to get the stink off me by running my head through high grass. Deskunk compote:
Then I got a evening bath:


That cut some of the stink but it was a long night in the RV. All windows were open on a cold night with heaters and stove on to combat the cold. Then I got a second bath 2 days later cause I still stunk like skunk. Dad was not happy rolled in mud immediately post bath.

Next is Devil's Bridge and Boynton Canyon!! These are can't miss places. 

Friday, April 18, 2014

Climbing Mount Wilson

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Here we go! Climbing up to 7,122 feet, 5.5 miles up, then 5.5 miles down. That would make 11 mile hike for most,but I prefer to run up ahead then back behind then side to side into the brush. I figure I'll do a minimum of 15 miles today. We started early so it would be nice and cool. We drove to Midgley Bridge where the trail starts. Here are the pics of the mountain. When you locate the highest point that is where we are going. 

And we started up....thankfully it was chilly cause I had my coat on:)
We got about half way up here. Look close at the 1st pic and you can see how far we are from the bridge.

We were about 2/3 the way up. When you look up at mountains you always think they go to peaks, but so many were very flat with forests on top when your above them. They would be perfect places for dog communities. Serious elevator needed to top floor though.
Then about 3/4 the way up the top was guarded by the scary tree forest only the bravest that can make it this far dare to pass

Made it to the top. If you look to right of me in 1st pic you can see the bridge again. This will help you understand what 5.5 miles of walking/running up looks like.
Then we had a picnic on top: Water, wheat thins, cheddar cheese and a half a strawberry Odwalla bar....oh boy. Dad had the same thing but he had something called Corona instead of water!

This doggy is tired. Easter Sunday there will be skunk, real fire and feature beautiful Sedona