Friday, April 11, 2014

Ain't Nuttin Like a Good Pillow

Soooooooo............Didn't make it to Zion! The Rollin Dog House was cruising down the road and KAPOW. Dad and I ducked then gave each other the "that's not good look". A tire imploded and busted a whole right through the RV. 

We waited for 2 hours and a character straight out of s Stephen King book showed up. He was 6'4" had long stringy hair, beard, leather knee pads and the tool of death. We consider staying locked in the RV, but that would have only led to eventually death by baking in tin can on side of the road in the desert. Thankfully the tool of death was for the tire and 2 more hours later we were on the road again

So today version of this blog will be based upon my motto "when life throws you lemons.......take a nap! 

And if you don't have a pillow.....improvise!


 2 pillows
 protecting my bone in my sleep

And on that note Goodnight/nap to you and TOMORROW we will be in ZION!!

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