Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Lo Lo Mai/Flagstaff-climbing highest peak

Soooooo........We left Lo Lo Mai in Sedona but it was more like an araviou than a goodbye. We will definitely be back. Even if my Dad does not take me I'm going back to the greatest doggy play land in the world by myself!!! Featuring beautiful Oak Creek, Artesian Spring, 22 acres of open grass to run on, lots of nature, yoga, lots o dogs to play with, 3 vineyards to visit within mile, and the wonderful Lo Lo Mai family. The biggest doggy heartfelt thanks goes out to you King Wayne and Queen Helen for owning/running that amazing place for 33 years for all the people to enjoy, Sharon and Jim for all the laughs, beer and letting my Dad drive your car to the hiking trails, Mary Grace/Alisa/Kip/Susie for always being there for us and late night skunk kits:)

Everybody needs to visit Sedona(cause it's awesome), and when you do Lo Lo Mai is the place to go. Even if you don't RV or camp they have plenty of cabins that are less expensive/nicer/in nature than any hotel room you can find in Sedona. Here are some Lo Lo Mai pics:

We climbed the highest mountain in Arizona. The San Francisco peaks. It took 8 hours and was 12 miles. We got to 12,833 feet. It was grueling for my human as the snow most of the way was slippy and he fell at least ten times. It was 60 knot winds at the top. Check out the video.

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