Saturday, April 12, 2014


On the road again! In reality Zion, Utah is only 1 and 1/2 hours from Bryce. Assuming no unexpecting holes in tires and RV(see yesterday). Dad said they are both a must do if/when you make out to Utah. These are some of the views on the road to Zion. The great thing is when I'm not nappin there is endless beauty roadside.

We made it! Within couple hundred feet I spotted goat on the mountain. Dad took pic but you gotta look close.....

There is only one thing wrong with Zion. My doggy neck hurt from looking up through the wondrous Canyon walls. The colors, shapes, and magnitude are endless! We looked over top then then descended in, crawled/walked through, and climbed out. 

That was a full doggy day, but we had just warmed up! We went to the Kolob Terrace part of the park. We drove out of park, up huge mountain, back into the park then went into the wilderness!!

We found the Northgate Peaks Trail. We walked down a path of hard, rock-like sand frozen in time. 

When we made it to the peak it was like a soft sandy beach on top of a mountain.

With these views. 

 I'm not scared of the edge but Dad is

That was a great doggy day. I'll be in The Grand Canyon tomorrow and publish that on Monday.

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